Metal 3D Printers



MPC is developed to apply for orthopedic implant surface coating.
The system is currently being used for artificial knee & hip joint coating.

MPC-Technical Data

Laser 500W Ytterbium Fiber Laser
DMT® Motion
  • 6 Axis
  • A/C, Tilt & Rotation
    • A & C Axis : : -100° up to +5° / 360° (5 axis)
    • No. of Tilt & Rotation : 4 Set
Weight 3,000 kg
Materials Ti
Module Standard DMT Module 800
Software MX-OS for MPC
  • PC-based Control System with 17’’ Touch Screen
  • Self-calibration System for Power feeding rate
  • Nozzle Self-clearing System
  • Up to three additional powder feeding systems can be added

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