Customer Success

Customer Success

Train Parts repair for Korail(Korea Railroad Corporation)​


  • When the parts of the KTX train braking system wear down The parts were welded and reused, Deformation due to welding occurred and the defect rate was high.


  • Worn parts are repaired through 3D printing instead of welding.


  • Reduce defect rate by less deformation and small heat effect zone.
  • Improving durability of part by better Mechanical properties.
  • Improvement of mechanical property by 15 ~ 20% when repairing 3D printing compared to existing welding
  • Various range of feeding amount and accurate feeding :
    • Tensile Strength : 580N/mm2
    • Yield Point : 380N/mm2
    • Elongation : 38%
  • With 5 axis motion, more complex shapes manufacturable.

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