Customer Success

Customer Success

Developed a MPC system for artificial hip and knee joint coating

A global leading artificial knee and hip joint manufacturer wanted to optimize operational efficiency including delivery and cost management for their hip joint coating.
InssTek was selected to supply the customized equipment – MPC, Machine for Porous Coating with DMT® solution


  • One of the leading artificial hip and knee joint manufactures would like to optimize supply chain cost of its hip and knee joint coating that were originally supplied from overseas. The company applied Titanium Plasma-Spray coating process, but wanted to re-structure process to enhance delivery time and operational cost reduction.


  • Teamed up with system project development engineers and developed a coating system for artificial hip and knee joint.


  • Targeted manufacturing cost is achieved and delivery time is enhanced as well. Also, it strengthens coating feature to protect damages by developing the custom system, MPC with DMT® technology.

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