Customer Success

Customer Success

Repairing jet engine part and extending life cycle for Korean Air Force

Korean Air Force discarded jet engine part when it came to worn out of parts. InssTek was engaged in extending product life cycle and printed with multi-materials to enhance resistance.


  • Army Maintenance Depot faced an operational issue of jet engine part that discarded when it worn out. The government asked InssTek to extend its life cycle to apply our 3D metal printing process.​


​Printed with multi-materials for the part in the following:

  • Applied multi materials of IN718 and Stellite25(Cobalt)
  • Processed the part which has same shape as a new part


Has longer life-cycle more than two times and optimizes supply chain due to reduce delivery time

  • Improved abrasion of the part due to laminate different materials which are cobalt to increase life cycle
  • Certified from GE Aviation
  • Cost and Lead time Optimization:
    • Cost : 93%/EA
    • Lead Time : 78%

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