Customer Success

Customer Success

Printed corrosion part of engine cylinder head by corrosion-resistant material

A leading automotive manufacture faced an issue on surface corrosion of cylinder head mold that was caused by corrosive gas generation. InssTek solved the issue by printing corrosion part by using multi materials for enhancing resistance.


  • A multinational automotive manufacture faced an corrosion issue of engine cylinder head caused by corrosive gas generation. They asked InssTek to come up with solution to solve the corrosion issue by DMT® technology.


We teamed up with technical division leaders to apply multi-materials on corrosion parts to prevent issues in the following:

  • Applied multi materials to enhance mechanical properties of the mold


Our process led to prevent corrosion and enhance product life-cycle.

  • InssTek manufactured four set of printed mold and it has been applied to the present
  • Printing by DMT® technology minimized manufacturing cost by printing only on required surface

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