Tub back fixer mold

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Tub back fixer mold manufacturing for washing machines

One of leading home appliances companies needed to enhance their cooling channels mold to enhance productivity for washing machines. InssTek was involved in developing cooling channels mold to improve cooling efficiency and productivity. Our client could have better productivity and quiet fan mold.


  • A global leading home appliances manufacture wanted to enhance productivity of TUB back fixer mold for their washing machines.


  • InssTek manufactured TUB back fixer - cooling channels mold by DMT® technology to increase cooling efficiency of the mold. InssTek inserted cooling channels in molds to enhance productivity.


Cooling efficiency and productivity are increased by applying DMT® and InssTek’s owned cooling channels technologies

  • Cycle Time (sec/ea) – Productivity is doubled
    • Previous: 112 sec
    • Current: 58 sec

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