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3D Printed Rocket: The Latest Advancements

Thank you for sharing our latest technology “NARAE System”.   <NARAE SYSTEM: Large Scale Robot Metal 3D Printing.> - Build size(Max.): D 3.5m, H 7.5m - Software: NARAE OS - Powder Feeder: PCM-Multi (Max.6 Material) - 6-Axis Robot arms with InssTek technology. - We successfully printed a 1M+ scale of the rocket nozzle and launched it during the Rapid + TCT 2023 exhibition for the first time. - More details can be found in the following article. Link : https://all3dp.com/2/3d-printed-rocket-the-latest-advancements/

DED Getting More Precise - Multi Material Rocket Nozzle

DED Getting More Precise - Multi Material Rocket Nozzle - Recently, Additive Manufacturing Media reviewed RAPID + TCT through AM Radio podcast. - In this broadcast, at the chapter "DED Getting More Precise", InssTek`s multi material rocket nozzle was introduced with focusing on InssTek`s precise powder feed control technology. - Thank you to Additional Manufacturing Media for introducing InssTek, and please continue to pay attention to us who will change the paradigm of manufacturing. - More details can be found in the following article. Link: https://lnkd.in/gqMG3rmP

Prediction of Behaviour of Thin-Walled DED-Processed Structu…

Prediction of Behaviour of Thin-Walled DED-Processed Structure: Experimental-Numerical Approach - Highlights • This study represents a novel method for predicting the behavior of the metal structure produced by InssTek's DMT Technology. • The calibrated material model, which was created based on basic mechanical test results, predicted the behaviour of the honeycomb structure under static loading. • In the case of both geometries, the fracture was recorded at the same punch displacement value; however, the overall sample behaviour, i.e., tearing, was dependent on sample height.

Actual Scale of FGM Rocket Nozzle

“Actual Scale of FGM Rocket Nozzle” InssTek successfully manufactured the real size of the Rocket Nozzle using FGM. The field of aerospace is an extreme environment. Each part of the Rocket Nozzle requires different characteristics and if two different materials are directly attached, the bonding area may be weak. For the best result, InssTek's Hexa Powder Feeding and precision powder feeding technology (PCM-Multi) were used to manufacture multi-material parts easily.