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InssTek new product launch MX-Fab1

Origin article text source : 3D print magazine - Technology 09th Nov. 2020 InssTek’s newly developed product, the MX-Fab series, is InssTek’s representative equipment and can produce various metal outputs in a short time with a wide working range. It was designed with an independent powder feeder to minimize the overall chamber volume. It is an all-in-one system with a laser, chiller, purifier, and vacuum pump all integrated into a single equipment. The MX-Fab’s feeder was developed together with a CVM(Clogged Vibration Method) type feeder all with InssTek’s in-house technology. The newly developed feeder powder can supply powder stably and accurately with its Real Time Feedback Control. A total of 6 powder feeders can be installed in the feeder, providing excellent advantages to multi material 3D printing. In addition, it is possible to check the height of the surface being printed in real time and change the laser power to control the height. As a result, by controlling the height of the deposition layer, it is possible to print metal products with more stable and excellent mechanical properties.

Korea InssTek 3D print FGM and MMC on MX-Lab metal printer

InssTek 3D print FGM and MMC on MX-Lab metal printer In several demos, InssTek shows how MMC (Metal Matrix Composites) and FGM (Functional Graded Material) are printed with the new MX-Lab 3D printer. The Korean manufacturer of DED metal printers InssTek has released some interesting test results of 3D printing of both MMC (Metal Matrix Composites) and FGM (Functional Graded Materials). The tests show the possibilities that the MX-Lab metal printer offers to develop custom materials and 3D printing. InssTek has also tested the technology on an industrial valve, on which a corrosion-resistant SUS 316 L layer has been applied. InssTek introduced the new MX-Lab 3D printer at Formnext 2019. This DED machine is primarily intended for material development, in particular MMC and FGM. For this, the machine is equipped with a new feeder, which can supply up to six different metal powders very accurately and for a long time.

Newsletter for 3D Metal printer industry in the world

We would like to introduce Newsletter for new CAM SOFTWARE Technology. For more information, Please download the attached document in this page. (This attached reference document was released by “MM Maschinen Market” magazine on November 2019) Newsletter for 3D Metal printer industry in the world CAM-SOFTWARE with Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) tools and turbine blades can be repaired. The 5-axis machines of a manufacturer use their own 5-axis CAM software, which calculates the Optimum toolpath for the machine. This makes it possible to build even more complex components. After Insstek Inc., manufacturer of metal-based additive manufacturing systems, has successfully placed its 5-axis Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) machines in the South Korean, German and Russian markets, the development of its own, "simultaneous 5-axisCAM" has now been developed. realized for additive manufacturing (AM)

Netherlands METAL MAGAZINE's publication 8-2019

Insstek, the Korean manufacturer of DED machines,  sees material development as one of the keys to smoothing the metal printing market. The advantage of DED technology is that users can develop their own alloy by mixing powders.  Insstek presented the new generation model "MX-Lab" on Formnext, a new, small 3D metal printer that was developed to test material mixes on a small scale and, once production has been validated, to transfer them to one of the larger machines. Insstek has developed a new dosing system for the MX-Lab with which a powder can be dosed very accurately, starting at 0.1 grams, over a longer period of time. Six powders can be mixed in the MX-Lab.

Manufacturing World Japan 2020 (26~28. Feb)

InssTek Korea has started marketing in Japan a metal 3D printer of the DED (Direct Energy Deposition) type that can use multiple metal powders.The company's main product, the MX-Standard series, has a lineup of three types of laser output: 1kW, 2kW and 3kW, and all are equipped with the company's proprietary lamination technology "DMT". The technology uses two cameras to analyze and control the height of the melt pool in real time, enabling printing with excellent mechanical properties, density and structure. Feeder "CVM system" that handles 6 types of materials The company also offers the MX-Lab series for materials research, which is equipped with a CVM (Clogged Vibration Method) system that supplies up to six different materials. This is a model equipped with a 300W fiber laser, which can supply any of the six types of metal powders accurately by CVM at a rate of 0.1 to 10g / min (data for Ti powder).

Excellent Growth of Compact Industrial Metal AM Printer Mark…

Excellent Growth of Compact Industrial Metal AM Printer Market 2020-2026 | Financial Revenue and Growth Rate | Industry Players: 3d-Figo, Additec, Airwolf 3D, Aurora Labs, Coherent, etc. Global Compact Industrial Metal AM Printer Market report shows the Industry Chain Structure as well as Macroeconomic Environment Analysis and Development Trend. This report contains the Global forecast until 2025 with more than 8 major players and there detailed information (Name, Company Profile, Product Information, etc.). The total market is further divided by company, by country, and by application/types for the competitive landscape analysis. The report then estimates 2020-2025 market development trends of Compact Industrial Metal AM Printer Industry.

InssTeK-experiment with six different metal powder formulati…

The “Japan Manufacturing World” will be held for three days from February 26 to 28, 2020. InssTek Inc., a Korean metal 3D printer manufacturer, develops and manufactures not only metal 3D printers, but also equipment that supports the development of its own compounding powders. At the next-generation 3D printer exhibition, actual machines are exhibited, and there is a staff who can speak Japanese at the booth and explained the equipment