2017 | Hyundai Wia developing a hybrid system with InssTek

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The development of hybrid metal 3D printing system between Hyundai Wia and InssTek, Inc. ( is introduced in Korean articles on 15 Mar.

InssTek and Hyundai Wia kicked off to add DED (Directed Energy Deposition) and PBF (Powder Bed Fusion) technology to a tooling machine and this project will be completed by 2018.

Hyundai Wia plans to integrate InssTek’s metal 3D printing technology to their conventional, subtractive metal cutting system which will reduce lead time significantly by switching two types of modules in one system.
The project is divided into two phases: Combining I. DED and II. PBF technology for the hybrid system development, so the system will take advantage of both DED and PBF methods.
In addition, Hyundai Wia will initiate medical application in artificial hip joint with the hybrid system and the company will also do GtM in global market by 2020.



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