2019 | Meet the New generation of Additive Manufacturing

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InssTek, Inc. which is global Metal 3D printer manufacturer held 1st Open House event on 29th October at InssTek head office in KOR. InssTek, Inc. introduced InssTek’s accumulated 3D metal printing technology as DED(Direct Energy Deposition) method and new product (MX-Lab) which is developed for research and development. This InssTek’s Open House event was designed to invite 80 people who related industries, academic people.

InssTek’s major technologies are DMT technology (Direct Metal Tooling), multi optic module (Cartridge Type Optical Module), active powder splitter, CVM powder feeder system (Clogged Vibration method) and simultaneous 5-Axis AMCAM (World’s first simultaneous 5-Axis CAM software)

The innovative technology of new generation “MX-Lab” model is a metal 3D printer that possible to mix up to six different metal powders at the same time to manufacture additive material. The one of the major feature of this new “MXLab” model is CVM (Clogged Vibration Method) powder system which is powder feeding rate range 0.1 ~10g/min (Based Ti) Se-ho Park who is vice-president said “Current 3D printer has been applied with mixtures of two materials, however “MX-Lab” new model has overcome this technology limitation.


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