2020 | Collaboration on simultaneous multi-axis additive technology

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Insstek Inc. has integrated the Moduleworks additive manufacturing calculation core into its DMT (Direct Metal Tooling) technology. The Moduleworks software enables Insstek to use the multi-axis traversing capabilities of its DMT machines to provide a fully automated, cost-effective solution for simultaneous 5-axis additive manufacturing and repairing of complex parts.

Delivered as a Rhino plugin, DMT with the integrated Moduleworks calculation core automatically generates a toolpath that uses the 5-axis motion capabilities of the machine to enable the production of parts with highly complex geometries. This means that these parts, e.g. guide vane rings, can be manufactured in a single, continuous production step. The additive toolpaths are collision-free and can be optimised via user-defined parameters to reduce residual stresses in the material.

For optimal process safety, the integrated Moduleworks simulation software checks for potential collisions between the component and print head. Printing errors can also be predicted and prevented. Custom tool profiles (e.g. powder nozzle, laser) provide application flexibility and the simulation generates an in-process model of material flow that can be used for subsequent processing steps.


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