2019 | Newsletter for 3D Metal printer industry in the world

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We would like to introduce Newsletter for new CAM SOFTWARE Technology.
For more information, Please download the attached document in this page.
(This attached reference document was released by “MM Maschinen Market” magazine on November 2019)

Newsletter for 3D Metal printer industry in the world
CAM-SOFTWARE with Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) tools and turbine blades can be repaired.
The 5-axis machines of a manufacturer use their own 5-axis CAM software, which calculates the
Optimum toolpath for the machine. This makes it possible to build even more complex components.

After Insstek Inc., manufacturer of metal-based additive manufacturing systems,
has successfully placed its 5-axis Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) machines in the South Korean,
German and Russian markets, the development of its own, "simultaneous 5-axisCAM"
has now been developed. realized for additive manufacturing (AM)


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