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2020 | InssTek new product launch MX-Fab1

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Origin article text source : 3D print magazine - Technology 09th Nov. 2020

InssTek’s newly developed product, the MX-Fab series, is InssTek’s representative equipment and can produce various metal outputs in a short time with a wide working range. It was designed with an independent powder feeder to minimize the overall chamber volume. It is an all-in-one system with a laser, chiller, purifier, and vacuum pump all integrated into a single equipment.

The MX-Fab’s feeder was developed together with a CVM(Clogged Vibration Method) type feeder all with InssTek’s in-house technology. The newly developed feeder powder can supply powder stably and accurately with its Real Time Feedback Control.

A total of 6 powder feeders can be installed in the feeder, providing excellent advantages to multi material 3D printing. In addition, it is possible to check the height of the surface being printed in real time and change the laser power to control the height. As a result, by controlling the height of the deposition layer, it is possible to print metal products with more stable and excellent mechanical properties.


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