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​AM-Module System

​Adaptive Optic AM Module


4 different selectable cartridges that can be easily changed

  • 01Cartridge Optics
    Our equipment has a cartridge-type optical module for laser. InssTek provides various modules according to the required laser diameter (SDM800, SDM1200, SDM1600, SDM2400). The laser beam diameter determines the print thickness and speed. Users can easily replace the module types installed in the MX-Fab according to their printing requirements.
  • 02DMT® Visions
    The key to high-precision 3D metal printing is the precise fine-tuning of the layer thickness. Our DMT technology uses an in-house developed closed-loop feedback control system that measures and monitors all layer thicknesses affecting parameters during the printing process.
  • 03Active Splitter
    Using a mechanical device, it can evenly distribute powder to stably maintain the quality of the powder supply to the final beam position.


New Technology Zoom Optics & Moving Vision​

  • 01Zoom Optics
    Zoom Optic type AM-Module is the key solution to improve process efficiency and deposition quality. Since the lens magnification can be controlled with software, it is possible to change the lens magnification value during deposition.
  • 02DMT® Moving Vision
    The vision parts move vertically to increase the degree of shape freedom while maintaining optimal quality by continuously applying DMT technology. The InssTek's simultaneous 5-Axis AM-CAM predicts the expected point of collision between vision parts and the printed part and operates the vision part to avoid it.

Technical Data

LFM-1 and LFM-2 Technical Information

The table below provides information on cartridge optics and zoom optics. For more information about other beam sizes, please contact InssTek.

Type SDM800 SDM1200 SDM1600 SDM2400
Beam Size (um) 800 1200 1600 2400
Build Speed (cm3/h) 5.80 16.4 27.4 66.6
Layer Height (um) 250 450 600 900