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CVM Powder Feeding System

CVM Powder System

CVM Powder Feeding System

Next Step of Powder Feeding System

CVM (Clogged Vibration Method) system is a new type of powder feeding system. It has impressively stable powder feed rate, semi-permanent life time and broad feeding rate range. Also this system is applicable with gravity powder supply method and direct powder supply method with gas in DED process. MX-Lab machine has built-in feeders to which the technology is applied, and stand-alone powder feeding machines such as PCM Multi/Single are also available.

  • CVM (Clogged Vibration Method) type powder feeder
  • Feeds multi materials at the same time
  • Gradually adjustable powder feed rate
  • Not affected by metal powder ductility or shape
  • Gravity / direct feeding available
  • Impressively stable powder feed rate
Ti Powder Feeding Test for 7 hours (Target Value : 0.03g/min)

* The test was excuted using MX-Lab machine.

Stand-Alone and Integrated System

  • Easy installation
  • Very small amount of powder can be supplied
  • Precise powder volume control & material micro-volume control
  • Patented powder feeding method & Unique feedback system
  • Unique feedback system : RTF (Real-Time Feedback)
  • PCM-MultiRTF

    Feeding rate range : 0.05-20.0g/min (Based on Ti-6Al-4V) The number of powder hoppers : Max. 6

  • PCM-SingleRTF

    Feeding rate range : 0.5-10.0g/min (Based on Ti-6Al-4V) The number of powder hopper : 1

  • Built-in feeder for MX-Lab

    Feeding rate range : 0.03-2.0g/min (Based on Ti-6Al-4V) The number of powder hoppers : Max. 6

PCM-Multi Interface